for the FUTURE

For the future…

my students in one classroom continue to study even though they lack of chairs. I have given them long chairs but its not enough. The thing is pursue for better future. Time will come that they will have enough chairs, but for now just look beyond. Good that this is a tiled floor classroom. They can wipe it clean before sitting there.


Who is Sir HusH?

My Name is Hazrat Olayinka Kayode M. Ameen, Public School Teacher since 2008 at Lucena Dalahican National High School brgy. Dalahican, Lucena City, Philippines. I started as a volunteer teacher that eventually became a contractual teacher. On June 1, 2009, we became regular Local School Board (LSB) funded teacher. After 2 consecutive years being LSB we are now upgraded to National Teacher last June 20, 2011. That my friend is a story of seasiderman, at first it is a difficult task to lead the way to what we strive National Literacy for every Filipino children because of some common problems that hinders us.

July 6, 2008 Sir HusH was a name that is popular in the community where this school belong. It can be hear everyday, seven day a week until now. Students always wanted me to be their teacher though some don’t like. I don’t really know the reason. Sir HusH is a strict and frank yet a jovial person. I always find solutions to problems even it takes me long period of time. Never give up is my attitude. An Afro-Filipino man who grew up in mountain study his tertiary in University and now teaching at seaside.

That was the first journey, I would like to post on the complete story of my life sooner if there is someone interested. A complicated life, sad, poor and full of challenge. So see you soon.




Seasiderman is here….

Welcome to my blog. This is created to let the world know my experience as a teacher to my students, students parents, co-teachers, educators and administrators. Update you on the reality of life when it comes to public school here in the Philippines. What are the common encounter daily, weekly, and throughout the days of every school year.

The Blog post you are waiting for are:

1. My Experience as a Public School Teacher in the Philippines

2. My Students Life as a SEASIDER

3. My Colleagues and Superiors

4. Your suggested topic that you want to hear

5. ETC.

I hope there are people in this world who would like to share their time with the seasiderman (that’s me) and the people that I prefer to live with as a seasiderman. I am very happy because I have a partner to let the world know what I felt, experience and achieve every moment in this vast ocean side. Thank you for letting people like me to show the world to everyone.

So, the journey begins and you are my passengers to this voyage. You may be my captain soon. Let’s all enjoy being a seasiderman.

God bless everyone.

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