Seasiderman is here….

Welcome to my blog. This is created to let the world know my experience as a teacher to my students, students parents, co-teachers, educators and administrators. Update you on the reality of life when it comes to public school here in the Philippines. What are the common encounter daily, weekly, and throughout the days of every school year.

The Blog post you are waiting for are:

1. My Experience as a Public School Teacher in the Philippines

2. My Students Life as a SEASIDER

3. My Colleagues and Superiors

4. Your suggested topic that you want to hear

5. ETC.

I hope there are people in this world who would like to share their time with the seasiderman (that’s me) and the people that I prefer to live with as a seasiderman. I am very happy because I have a partner to let the world know what I felt, experience and achieve every moment in this vast ocean side. Thank you for letting people like me to show the world to everyone.

So, the journey begins and you are my passengers to this voyage. You may be my captain soon. Let’s all enjoy being a seasiderman.

God bless everyone.

for special comments and suggestions of topic you want to hear, you may contact me in my email address


2 thoughts on “Seasiderman is here….

  1. hello sir, can you make a sample form 14. . the kind that has a formula in finding the Mean, MPS, PMC and Achievement Rate

  2. ano po ba mam iyang form 14 na yan… :p ngayon ko lng po kasi narinig… report po ba yan ng Heads? henge po ng forms itry q po pag kaya ko.. ung may sample data po ha.. kahit iemail nyo po using excel… tnx po

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