Who is Sir HusH?

My Name is Hazrat Olayinka Kayode M. Ameen, Public School Teacher since 2008 at Lucena Dalahican National High School brgy. Dalahican, Lucena City, Philippines. I started as a volunteer teacher that eventually became a contractual teacher. On June 1, 2009, we became regular Local School Board (LSB) funded teacher. After 2 consecutive years being LSB we are now upgraded to National Teacher last June 20, 2011. That my friend is a story of seasiderman, at first it is a difficult task to lead the way to what we strive National Literacy for every Filipino children because of some common problems that hinders us.

July 6, 2008 Sir HusH was a name that is popular in the community where this school belong. It can be hear everyday, seven day a week until now. Students always wanted me to be their teacher though some don’t like. I don’t really know the reason. Sir HusH is a strict and frank yet a jovial person. I always find solutions to problems even it takes me long period of time. Never give up is my attitude. An Afro-Filipino man who grew up in mountain study his tertiary in University and now teaching at seaside.

That was the first journey, I would like to post on the complete story of my life sooner if there is someone interested. A complicated life, sad, poor and full of challenge. So see you soon.





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