K to 12 Grading System Sample

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Deped Order No. 73 s. 2012 is the new basis for this new curriculum. Since the start of this year, the new curriculum system was aired throughout the news and everybody is curious about this system. There are several questions that every Filipino asked before them. Being a teacher, it is hard for us to implement the curriculum with only a week of training and a few knowledge about this. That is also the reason why most of the time; we heard and watched from television some of the reactions from public. But what should we do about that? The important thing that is in ours are our learners, so, we have to go beyond unreasonable idea with what we currently know and through time if they have to deliver follow up training for us we can make these a better one.

I have created an MS Excel Class record with automatic computation. This is just a basic formula writing so if anybody would like to copy or modified my work is gladly appreciated. This is what I have understood from the DEPED order. It is also good for one lesson, meaning to say, on the next lesson you have to reprint an empty sheet then compute again. It is such a heavy task if you are handling a class more than 50, but it is good a try and take a look at the result. I can only say that they can’t blame us for some error since from the first hand it is a chain reaction. I hope it helps.

Good Day everyone. It’s me..

– Sir HusH


For those who are requesting the K12 Grading System Sample with transmutation and rounded. You can download the copy K12 Grading System Sample or the one with rounded P.S. Sample with Rounded P.S.

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