K to 12 Grading

One of the questions every public school teacher ask today is “how do I grade my learner?” This is what is being asked always in seminars and meetings in school, division, regions or even in national level. I’ve been asking why they don’t give us a training on how are we going to discriminate our learners through grades. They always told us to read the memo’s and the orders but as human we interpret differently what is written there.

What I am trying to say is that, why don’t they give teachers an exact DepEd Order about K to 12 grading system. Like for example in the previous curriculum, they have set the exact criteria, rubrics and how do they appear on class record. Whether you need to give the equivalent percentage of the learner every assessment or you just need to record the score and summed up at the end of the quarter.

I have read and studied the Deped Order No. 73, s. of 2012 and I even have question on what is the lowest grade? Is it “0”? Since the Beginning Level is equivalent to 74 and below. If that is the case, zero base, learners score need not to be transmuted and I doubted that without the proper care of giving grades to them will result to failure. But, there is no failure in K to 12 curriculum that’s why I was wondering why there is retention but in fact there is no retention in here. By applying the other Deped order about Bridging the Gaps of the students, there will be no student left behind.

Once I have computed the difference between the grades of learner using the past curriculum where the lowest grade to appear in form is 65 and there is a very big difference. I’m going to post it on my next article but for now I am confused since our division is using 70% as the lowest. I have a question, in a quiz of 10 items one of the student got 7 and the other one got 3. How are you going to give their percentage score? From the past system 3 is equal to 30% and 7 is equal to 70%, even until now since we are zero base. But if you follow this system I am talking about, this same students who earn a score of 3 and 7 will both have 70%.

I want to learn from other Public secondary school teacher out there. Please give a comment and let us have a discussion and sharing on what you are using right now. Thanks. Though I admit the fact since this is a new curriculum and still not perfect, maybe we can do something to give our students a fair judging.