Sir HusH and Today

Today is Saturday and I am not feeling well. I just went to computer shop to update my blogs. I absent from my physics class due to tonsillitis which makes my body feel aching all the time.

I Just update my other blog at My students in General Physics are directed there on what they need to finish. I want them to be trained in doing research and using computer since we are now in the 21st Century. As a 21st century teacher, we should teach our students the 21st century skills and computer literacy is one of those.

From previous time, I’ve been busy doing my research on how I will be able to make my teaching more accurately and fun to my learners. I am also figuring out a technique in which I can train a leader and not just workers. Also, I want my learner as a totally productive citizen of this country. Equating every possible values to the necessary acquired values they must have. Giving them advice at all times and giving them a choice every time. Most especially in studying and doing activities, I gave them the choice of doing or not but they must know the possible outcome of their decisions.

Another one I am up to is engaging myself in online marketing. I have read and researched all the possible ways to earn online and started them out last July 2013. I am hoping that this will materialize so I can share to my future learners so they can have alternative option of work since they are born in a computer generated era. Giving them this opportunity to be working in any time they want and supporting their basic need and training them to be a boss of themselves.

I am hoping that all of my plans will succeed in the future. This might give me a longer time to gain the result of my test but it doesn’t matter. What matter most is the good result that I wanted perfecting every bad result that I gain so that they will avoid it in the future. It cost me much enough time, money and effort but it’s worth is unpredictable in the near future.